Strong Password Generator

(Recomended Password length >= 12 AlphaNumeric & Special Chars)

With my "Strong Password Generator" the name says it all. I have implenented many features that other password generators do not have into the programming of my password generator. It has a very secure random generator (PHP random_int()), a balanced amount of characters of each category and it guarantees at least one character of each category, even with short passwords. The passwords have their own text fields and can be easily cut out by copy/paste. For better readability, I have chosen a font that is designed to distinguish similar characters perfectly. The passwords are not stored anywhere and have already disappeared without a trace when the page is reloaded or exited.
 Numbers (16):
 Alphabet (16):
 Alphanumeric (look-alikes excluded) (little less secure) (16):
 Alphanumeric (16):
 Alphanumeric + Special Chars (look-alikes excluded) (little less secure) (16):
 Alphanumeric + Special Chars (16):